Digital Library

     CUGB Digital Library (hereinafter as DL) development has already got initial achievements under the support of college leaders and fund support from the "211 Project" and "Advantage Discipline Construction Project" since 2004. Over these years, guided by the principle of focusing on building the much-needed, high-level digital resource during the discipline construction, the DL development has evolved a group of digital resource that balances geosciences, its extension subjects and other disciplines. The digital literature can cover the vast majority of college's disciplines and also is considered to be high-quality. DL has different types of digital resources, including abstract, full text journal databases and e-books and so on. Teachers and students at CUGB can use these resource of DL at any time via campus network. CUGB DL has become the core literature information source of teachers and students since the large quantity of downloading and visiting actions. Obviously, CUGB DL brings remarkable benefit.

     Currently the DL has 25 literature resources, and some of them are in foreign language including SCI, SSCI, Ei, ISTP, Nature, ELSEVIER, GSW, GeoRef, Springer Link, Science Online, AGU, ACS, IWA, PA, Wiley, EBSCO, UMI, PQDD, and the other 8 are in chinese. Now, our DL resource has already covered 124 kinds of high-impact foreign language journals of "Doctor Degree Academic Journals List" which has 141 kinds journals in total and the coverage has reached 88%.

CUGB DL construction and development are playing much more important role in the following: accelerating the pace of subject construction, strengthening and deepening the technology innovation, ensuring the steady improvement of teaching and research work, and supporting the cultivation of high-level personnel.