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A series of Project Phased Objectives Leading by CUGB Successfully Achieved in the Second National Tibetan Scientific ExpeditionMay 19, 2021

On May 15, a demonstration on bionic water and sand observation system and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote control seismic source technology was given successfully by the detachment led by Academician Wang Chengshan from CUGB

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Geosciences Research

Scientific research is the foundation and source of the vitality of research universities, and the ability of scientific and technological innovation is the concentrated embodiment of the core competitiveness of universities.
Taking inheritance and innovation as its own responsibility, CUGB adapts to the national scientific research management system and operation mechanism, faces the frontier of Geosciences and national strategic needs, and based on the needs of "double first-class" discipline construction and school development, promotes the collaborative innovation of industry university research, promotes the collaborative development of basic research and applied research, continuously enhances the innovation consciousness of teachers and students, and actively seeks new growth points of scientific research development.

May 17, 2021
School of Geophysics and Information Technology
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Liang Xiao:A method to predict the resistivity index for tight sandstone reservoirs from nuclear magnetic resonance data【AAPG Bulletin】

Apr 29, 2021
Institute of Earth Sciences
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Jingao Liu:Plume-driven recratonization of deep continental lithospheric mantle【Nature】

Apr 27, 2021
School of Earth Sciences and Resources
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Tong Hou:Kinetics of Fe–Ti Oxide Re-equilibration in Magmatic Systems: Implications for Thermo-oxybarometry【JP】

Apr 21, 2021
School of Energy Resources
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Chuanxin Li:Multiple thrust detachments and their implications for hydrocarbon accumulation in the northeastern Sichuan Basin【AAPG Bulletin】

The mantle roots of cratons are renowned as being long-lived, stable features of Earth’s continents, but there is also evidence of their disruption in the recent and more distant past.

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The combined Fe–Ti oxide geothermometry and oxygen barometry is an important tool in petrology and volcanology.

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The northeastern Sichuan Basin thrust belt located in southwestern China, is a large-scale intracontinental thrust system with multiple detachments represented by a series of subparallel chevron anticlines.

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