Seminar on Comprehensive Bilateral Scientific Researches between China and Russia held in CUGB
Apr 20, 2023 Views:85

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On April 19th, the Sino-Russian bilateral seminar on Baikal Comprehensive scientific research was held in the university. Mr. Liu Dameng, Vice President, Mr. Gladkochub Dmitrii, Director of the Institute of Crust Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mr. Andrey Fedotov, Director of the Institute of Limnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Ms. Lin Fang, Science and Technology Consul of the Chinese Consulate General in Irkutsk attended the conference.

Mr. Liu Dameng delivered a speech. 

On behalf of the university, Mr. Liu extended his warm welcome to the leaders and experts attending the conference, and introduced the development of CUGB from aspects of historical evolution, advantageous disciplines, and talent training. He hoped that the seminar can provide an opportunity for serving as the foundation of comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia in the new era and implementation the in-depth cooperation in fields of education and scientific and technological innovation.

Mr. Andrey Fedotov introduced the general development of the research fields and laboratory settings of the Institute of Limnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He welcomed the scientific research team of CUGB to carry out scientific research cooperation in Baikal Lake and hoped that the cooperation between the two sides would produce tangible results and contribute to the scientific research cooperation between China and Russia.

Mr. Gladkochub Dmitrii introduced the research fields of the Institute of Crust Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the setting of the Baikal expedition route. He expressed in his speech that the Institute of Crust Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences shares similar research directions in many fields with CUGB and looks forward to cooperating with the university in exploring new modes of cooperation in the future.

Ms. Lin Fang affirmed in her speech the research value of the Baikal scientific research project and hoped that the two sides would actively respond to the Joint Statement on Deepening China-Russia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination in a New Era, by promoting deeper exchanges and vigorously promotion of bilateral cooperation in science and technology.

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Focusing on the geology, geomorphology, geochemistry and ecological environment of Lake Baikal and its surrounding areas, experts and scholars from the two sides reported their research priorities in turn, presented their achievements in scientific researches, and had full discussions and exchanges on issues related to scientific researches of the Baikal.

The leaders and experts of the Crust Research Institute and Limnology research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and the leaders and teachers from Office of Science and Technology, Office of International Cooperation, School of Earth Science and Resources, School of Water Resources and Environment, School of Oceanography and other relevant units attended the seminar.