Beijing and Wuhan go hand in hand: University leaders went to China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) for investigation
Apr 8, 2023 Views:108

On April 6 leaders of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) went to China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) to make an investigation. The group includes Ms. Lei Yalin, Secretary of the University Party Committee, Academician Sun Youhong, President of the University, Academician Wang Chengshan, Mr. Liu Dameng, Vice President of the university, Mr. Liu Wei, Vice President of the university, Ms. Dong Zhaoxia, Deputy Party secretary and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Mr. Duan Xiang, Mr. Zhao Zhidan, Vice Presidents of the University. Counterparts from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) has attended the symposium, which includes Ms. Huang Xiaomei, Secretary of the CUG (Wuhan) Party Committee, Academician Wang Yanxin, President of CUG (Wuhan), Mr. Wang Linqing, Deputy Party Secretary, Mr. Liu Jie, Vice President and Mr. Liu Yongsheng, Vice Presidents of CUG (Wuhan), Mr. Wang Fu, Deputy Party Secretary, Mr. Li Jianwei and Mr. Wang Lizhe, Vice Presidents of CUG (Wuhan).

Ms. Lei Yalin, Secretary of the Party Committee of CUGB, thanked CUG (Wuhan) for the thoughtful arrangement. It is expressed in Ms. Lei’s address that China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) are brotherly universities. It is a tradition and common sense for the two sides to communicate and exchange on a regular basis, especially on important issues and during critical periods. Only by strengthening communication and understanding is it possible for better promotion of mutual development of the two sides. Six suggestions have been put forward on further deepening of cooperation and exchanges between the two sides: First, meetings and communication between university leaders be held on a regular basis to further deepen cooperation and exchanges between the leading bodies of the two sides with turns taken in meetings holding for the exchange of ideas on important issues of constructing and development of the two universities so as to promote mutually beneficial cooperation that helps supply each other's needs and brings tangible benefit for both sides. Second, a mechanism for talent sharing is to be established and improved with reform and innovation of the personnel system which gives full play to the strategic leading role of strategic scientists, and ensures that high-end talents can better serve the development of the universities. Third, mechanisms for major platform building be established and improved with further joint construction of the state key laboratories and other national platforms so as to achieve win-win cooperation in the process of promoting the reorganization of state key laboratories. Fourth, to establish and improve mechanism of practice base sharing by jointly building training platform for geoscience talents and practice bases both in China and abroad. Working together the two universities are to play a bigger role in education services for rural revitalization and the integration of colleges and universities into the national strategy and the main battlefield of local economic construction. Fifth, to develop and improve mechanism for co-international rankings, cooperations are to be deepened in personnel training, program construction, discipline development and other aspects to improve international reputation and influence of the two universities. Sixth, to establish and improve the mechanism of administrative affairs, communication at the department level is to be strengthened for improvement of working efficiency.

Ms. Huang Xiaomei, Secretary University Party Committee of CUG (Wuhan), extended a warm welcome to the visiting group. In her speech, Ms. Huang Xiaomei reviewed the achievements of bilateral exchanges and cooperation in recent years, thanked CUG (Beijing) for its help during the epidemic, and sincerely congratulated CUG (Beijing) on its achievements in construction and development. It is stressed that after 70 years of ups and downs, today's achievements can only be attributed to the close cooperation and sincere solidarity between the two universities. She hoped that profound friendship will be continually maintain, exchanges and cooperation be further deepened, and scientific researches and talent training in an all-round way will be promoted to closely align with the national strategic needs, and open a new chapter in the development of the two universities.

Academician Sun Youhong, President of CUG (Beijing), expressed his gratitude to CUG (Wuhan) for its warm reception. He briefly introduced the recent development of CUG (Beijing) and the construction plan of the new campus in Xiong’an. It is stressed that the visit to Wuhan is a trip of learning, exchange and cooperation. The two universities are like twin brothers and the visit is like a visiting to a sibling. He hoped that on the basis of good cooperation between the two sides, the advantages of each other can be applied hand in hand in the promotion the high-quality development of the two universities. It is sincerely expressed that all leaders and faculty of CUG (Wuhan) are welcomed to visit Beijing for exchange.

Academician Wang Yanxin, President of CUG (Wuhan), extended his welcome to leaders of CUG (Beijing). He mentioned that the 70th anniversary of the two universities was celebrated last year with the two universities as one family. It is hoped that after 70 years of university running, the two sides will further deepen cooperations in discipline construction, scientific researches and other aspects to draw blueprint for further joint development of constructing world class universities.

Academician Wang Chengshan briefly introduced the Deep Time Digital Earth International Big Science Program, which has made critical progress after four years of construction. It is hoped that more universities and research institutes can join in the program to enhance comprehensively the capabilities of scientific and technological innovation, and contribute to the realization of a high level of national scientific and technological self-reliance.

Relevant departments from CUG (Wuhan) introduced the construction and management of the Future City campus. The participants of the meeting exchanged views on further strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

During the trip, leaders from CUG (Beijing) has also visited the Zigui Practice base and University history hall of CUG (Wuhan).