Teachers from more than 40 universities gathered in CUGB to discuss the development and growth of teachers
Apr 10, 2023 Views:61

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From April 8th to 9th, the eighth project quarterly meeting sponsored by the Sustainable Development Alliance of the Center for Faculty Development in Colleges and Universities and co-sponsored by CUGB was held on campus in CUGB. Heads of Faculty and Teaching Development centers, staff from relevant departments and teachers from more than 40 universities and colleges gathered together focusing on the construction of teacher development instructor programs discuss together future challenges and prospects of faculty development in colleges and universities.

Mr. Zhao Zhidan, Vice President of CUGB, Mr. Zhang Xiaojun, Secretary general of the Alliance and Executive Dean of School of Future Education of Xi 'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University attended the Forum and delivered a speech. Mr. Gao Zhiqian, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of CUGB, presided over the opening ceremony.

Mr. Zhao Zhidan delivered a speech. 

Mr. Zhao Zhidan introduced to the guests the history and present situation of the development of the university and the Faculty and Teaching Development Center and the construction of the teaching team. He stressed that teachers are the foundation of education and the source of education development. To implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, strengthening the country through talent and innovation-driven strategy, the team of high-quality teachers must be built in the new era. This meeting focuses on the construction and development of teacher team, focusing on the emerging group of teacher development instructor, and discusses the role of teacher development instructor in promoting the construction of high-quality teacher team. It is hoped that through this seminar, the participating universities will be encouraged to grasp the development situation of higher education with a broader vision, innovative thoughts and development concepts, and create a new model for the construction of teacher team. Extensive sharing of construction experience, exploring new measures for teachers’ development was made in the meeting hoping for building a platform of exchanges between universities and seeking a long-term development of teachers.

Mr. Zhang Xiaojun delivered a speech. 

Zhang Xiaojun expressed in his speech his sincere thanks to the university for its efforts in hosting the meeting. He said that the sustainable development of teachers is a key issue in supporting the construction of the teaching team, which is the mission of the Alliance. The Alliance is composed of a group of staff who are enthusiastic and dedicate in teaching and development of teachers in various universities. In the past five years, the Alliance driven by needs has dedicated itself in providing support and assistance to every Faculty Development Center facing challenges and problems. The issues for this quarterly meeting are teacher development instructors, the responsibilities of teacher development instructors, and how universities can support teacher development instructors. All these above are issues necessary for colleges and universities to think about. It was hoped that solutions would be find through discuss and exchanges.

Sharing session for teacher development instructors 

The core issue for the meeting is the teacher development instructor project, which is one of the seven major projects of the Alliance. The teacher development system is an important measure for colleges and universities to enhance teachers' professional quality, promote teachers' professional development in an all-round way, build a team of high-quality professional and innovative teachers, and promote the high-quality development of higher education. During the meeting, discussions and group discussions on the concept and responsibility of teacher development, ability and accomplishment, team building and the main challenges of performing their duties were made. Successful experiences were shared by teacher development instructors from Xi 'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University on how to lead teachers in teaching academic research, teacher development instructor team of Nan’ning College on team construction and Yan’an University on successful cases and experiences in campus-based training to cultivate a team of instructors with traits of Yan’an Spirit. Further discussions were made on issues such as the responsibilities for teacher development instructors in organizing teaching activities, spreading innovative teaching ideas, stimulating the inner driving force in teachers during teaching process, incubating and designing excellent teaching teams, and the growth of teacher development instructors themselves.

(News by Tan Yanmin/ Photo by Ye Yitao, Wei Jiayu, Zhu Jiacheng)