Top ten news of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) in 2020 unveiled
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The Top Ten News of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) in 2020 is officially announced, comprehensively showing the university's exciting achievements in talent training, scientific research, discipline construction, social services, cultural construction and other undertakings in 2020.

1. The teachers and students of CUGB thoroughly studied, propagated and implemented the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee
All the teachers and students of the university thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. After the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee was successfully held, the University Party Committee issued study notice, organized special studies, deployed study plans, focused on the theme, and demonstrated and led the study. Secondary organizations apply what have learn in daily activities to ensure practical effects. Consensus among experts and scholars is were achieved which is extremely encouraging. All the teachers and students learn deeply and thoroughly. The whole university set off the upsurge of learning, propagating and implementing the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. The faculty and students of the university expressed that they should unite closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, accelerate the pace of building a world-class university in the field of geosciences, and submit qualified answers to the new journey of serving the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country with practical actions.

2. Implement "Landing Actions" and to push forward "the ten major actions"
The university fully implemented the tasks of the 11th Party Congress of the university and thoroughly implemented the "Landing Action". The university issued the "Opinions of the Committee of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) on the Implementation of the" landing action ", which made detailed arrangements and arrangements for the related work. This year, the university is to promote the "ten actions" by exhibiting the spirit outlook of "2020, Straight Forward · Implementation", and to do a good job in the "13th Five-Year" closing, and to make a good plan for the star of the "14th Five-Year", to practice the original mission, and to continue to deepen the connotation of development, and to advance all sorts undertakings steadily.

3. CUGB faculties and students worked together to fight the epidemic and achieved the phased results of "zero epidemic"
Since the start of 2020, COVID - 19 outbreak caused huge influences on daily operation of the university.  The university party committee has firmly implemented the important instruction of the CPC Central Committee on epidemic prevention and control work. Great attentions were paid on epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the spirit of "taut strings" "clenched fists clenched teeth" hold "" to do" work requirement, overall consideration with no delay were implemented by the entire staff of the university and students. Difficulties were overcome and responsibilities kept to protect the university. Throughout the year, eight meetings were held by the leading group for epidemic prevention and control, and 23 meetings were held for the epidemic prevention and control. 25 documents on epidemic prevention and control were issued by the office with 187 daily and weekly reports on epidemic prevention and control published. 460,000 pieces of epidemic prevention materials such as facial masks were distributed. With the joint efforts of all the teachers, students and staff, the epidemic prevention and control of the university has achieved the phased results of "zero epidemic".

4. Paying attention to the quality of talent training and remarkable achievements in teaching achieved
During the outbreak of the epidemic, the university actively carry out the control requirements from superiors, fully adopt the mode of online learning with no class suspended. Students’ academic life were made sure to go on as usual. Meantime, the "Earth Science Forum" online class activities were carried out with the assist of the advancements in geological disciplines and high quality resources to further the development of theory and practice of the geoscience. Young students are to be guided to have respects for nature, and life. Further awareness on ecological knowledge, a respect on life and a good knowledge on ecology accomplishment, and better social responses are achieved through all these activities. On December 28th, the university held a meeting on postgraduate education to summarize the experiences of postgraduate training, find out the problems for postgraduate training, innovate measures of postgraduate training, and promote the overall improvement of quality of postgraduate. On October 26th, Awarding Conference on the 11th Li Siguang Outstanding Student Award was held. ZENG Jie, XIA Qingyin and ZHOU Wenxiang won the 11th Li Siguang Outstanding Doctoral Postgraduate Award, Li Siguang Outstanding Master Postgraduate Award and Li Siguang Outstanding College Student Award respectively.

5. To enhance the strength of scientific research with ample achievements on scientific researches
On January 10, 2019 annual National Science and Technology Awards was announced in Beijing. 4 achievements carried out or participated by teachers from our university win the State Award of Science and Technology 2019. Among them, Professor Sun Youhong won second prize of the National Technical Invention 2019 as the first accomplisher for the project "Key technology and application for the top driven precision pressure control on scientific drilling equipment". On May 30th, the first "New Type of University Think Tank with Chinese Characteristics"--the Natural Resources Strategic Development Research Institute of China University of Geosciences (Beijing), was established in our university. On July 27th, the European Academy of Sciences (ESA) officially announced that Professor Cheng Qiuming, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was elected as a foreign academician of ESA. On November 8th, Professor Sun Youhong was awarded the 13th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award. On September 24th, with academician Wang Chengshan of our university as chief scientist, the Songkesan well, the last stage of the international continental scientific drilling project in the Songliao basin, has started drilling. Professor Jiang Zaixing's research team obtained shale oil flow in the exploration of Luanping Basin in Yanshan tectonic belt.

6. Successfully complete the summary of the construction "Double Tops" for 2016-2020
On August 19th, the university held the summary deployment meeting of 2016-2020 "Double First-Class" construction. President Sun Youhong pointed out that it is an important task for the Ministry of Education to carry out the summary of the construction cycle of "Double First-Class", which is not only a comprehensive analysis and systematic summary of the results of the construction of "Double First-Class", but also related to the sustainable development strategy of the construction of "Double First-Class" in our university in the future. Ma Junjie, Party Secretary, put forward five requirements for the summary work of the construction cycle of the "Double Tier", and hoped that all leading units would form a special class to strictly follow the requirements of the work program and schedule, focus on special discussions, pool the wisdom of the people, repeatedly polish, keep improving, and form high-quality summary reports and typical cases.
On September 13th, the university held an expert committee on the summary work of the construction cycle of "Double First-Class" for 2016-2020.Principal Sun Youhong reported the summary report of the "Double First-Class" construction cycle of the University. Sun introduced the overall situation from the aspects of the history of development, development status, technology platform, discipline construction and so on, comparing with the construction objectives and tasks of "Double First-class" university. The achievements of the construction are summarized from aspects of cultivating top-notch innovative talents, building a team of high-quality faculty, conducting scientific research and serving the development of science, technology and economy, inheriting and innovating excellent culture, and international cooperation and exchange. The report deeply analyzes the key and difficult problems in promoting the high quality construction of "double first-class" university, and puts forward the ideas on developments and construction measures to be taken for the next stage. Professor Wang Genhou and Professor Xu Nengxiong respectively made special reports on the construction of the first-class discipline of "geology" and "geological resources and geological engineering". The experts listened to the report carefully and made objective comments. They fully affirmed the achievements and progress of the overall construction of the "Double First-Class" construction cycle and the construction of the two first-class disciplines in 2016-2020, and believed that the "Double First-Class" construction has a high degree of mission compliance, a good degree of goal achievement and significant landmark achievements.

7. The Institute of Natural Culture of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) was established to explore and innovate the new mode of cultural education
On June 30, the Institute of Natural Culture, an interdisciplinary scientific research institution integrating teaching, scientific research and management, was first established in China. The natural culture research led by the concept of life community of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grass intend for the cultivation of people by culture and with culture, which opened a new mode of cultural education. Since the establishment of the Institute of Natural Culture, Taishan Branch, Zhangye Branch, Pingshuo Branch and Ocean Branch have been inaugurated. On December 26, the sixth session of Chinese gem prize, fourth session of the awards for literature and essay on anti-epidemic was held in our University. Letters of appointments were granted to the writers on the conference on behalf of the university. This is an active move of the university to strengthen the literary atmosphere on campus, and to actively participate in the natural resources system innovation of literary career. It will also help to strengthen the university’s literature and culture education, to implement the fundamental task of cultivating students with virtues which is of great significance to cultivate talents with all-round developments.

8. Continued progress has been made in the comprehensive reform of "Three Comprehensives for Educating People" and the construction of the ideological and political work system
On October the 20th, the university held a meeting to promote the comprehensive reform of "three whole education" and the construction of ideological and political work system. "Three full" comprehensive reform in our university is focused on the system and mechanism construction, team construction, three key task mechanism reform, the standard construction, relying on the "top ten" system, based on the school characteristics, organize the implementation of the "heirloom" integration education project, set up the course, scientific research, practice and culture, network, psychology, management, service, finance, organization, etc. 10 special working group. The leaders from each units of special working group fully excavate the characteristics and refine the educational elements, and brew and study the comprehensive reform and innovation pilot projects of "Three Whole Educational Programs". In this work promotion meeting, the first batch of 10 innovative pilot projects and five "three whole education" comprehensive reform pilot colleges were officially launched.

9. Implement the CUGB cultural construction project and launch a series of original songs such as "Song of CUGB"
The university has fully implemented the CBUG cultural construction project, which has highlighted the cultural construction characteristics and won popularity among the faculty and students. On September 12, the CUGB cultural construction visual image identification system was released, marking the cultural construction of CUGB to a new height. In 2020, original songs such as "Song of CUGB", "Cradle of CUGB", "I love you CUGB", "Looking Forward to Your Home", "Bless You, Wuhanian" and "Long Heaven and Earth" were released, which stimulated the enthusiasm of teachers and students to love and honor the university and enriched the cultural atmosphere of the university. Original song creation has become a highlight of the cultural life of CUGB.

10. "Graduation Ring" detonated the Internet and received rave reviews
On June 25th, in order to express the best wishes to all the graduates, the university presented customized graduation commemorative ring to each of the graduates to commemorate the wonderful time spent in CUGB and accompany them to the new stage of life. The 2020 graduation commemorative ring is designed and made by the alumni of the School of Jewelry. The material used is 925 silver, plated with 18K white gold, and the outer side of the ring is inlaid with a gem, which is simple and elegant with unique originality. After the "graduation ring" was publicized by the official WeChat, official Weibo and other platforms, it aroused a large number of reposts and hot discussions on the internet, and has become a hot topic. Within 2 hours, the official Weibo post exceeded 10W +.People's Daily, CCTV, Xinhuanet client, Xuexiqiangguo and other major media have forwarded the news and gave it thumb-ups.