University leaders visited international students stayed on campus during the winter vacation
Feb 5, 2021 Views:212

February 4th is the Off year Eve of the Chinese Lunar calendar. President Sun Youhong, Deputy Secretary Lin Shanyuan and Vice President Duan Xiang warmly visited the international students stayed on campus during the winter vacation and sent them festive wishes on the day.

Sun Youhong and the fellow staff first visited the School of Water Resources and Environment to inquire about the situations of the international students on how their learning and researches situations, graduation projects, thesis writing, career plans, etc. were going on. The students were also told to pay attention to the safe use of laboratory and it is expected that they will take good use of the holiday time to and achieve more.

In the 17th and 19th Building on campus, Sun Youhong and his fellow staff visited the international student’s dormitory and extended condolences gift bag for them. He inquired carefully about the epidemic situation of students’ homeland, the reason why they would stay on campus and their holiday’s plans and arrangements. In a cordial conversation with the student, Sun Youhong sun thanked the students for their cooperation and understanding of the dormitory management on behalf of the university. Students were also advised to contact with family and friends more, help fellow classmates in needs and have a good rest during the holiday. Hope the students will have a memorable and full holiday by making good use of it.

Sun Youhong and the fellow staff then visited the School of Jewelry to express their blessing to staff of the student affair division, and talked online with two students whose hometowns were in high risk regions for the Covid-19 epidemic to know about the situations in their hometown and how their lives and study were in quarantine. Sun expressed his concern and advise them to cooperate with the management of local community, pay attention to the protection, take good care of themselves, and to have a healthy and peaceful New Year.

It is reported that 325 students including 204 boys and 121 girls stayed on campus for winter vacation this year. Sixty-one students were forced to stay on campus due to the outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic, while the rest chose to stay on campus for academic research, graduation papers and employment issues. Student’s party committee work department, Party Committee Security Department, logistics group party committee, the university hospital all take measures to guarantee students stay safe, healthy. They took care of students’ study and life by opening study area, visiting the student dormitory, extending condolences gift bags, and arranging part-time jobs on campus to help the students staying on campus to have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. When the Spring Festival is approaching, the students will also be provided with all sorts of activities such as "Photo taken on Spring Festival wear", Happy New Year "dialect" video making, and “customs in story. Prices will be given to the original works and network display activities. Students who stayed on campus will participate in activities like prize for "sweet home" and letter writing to family to show their talents and to give blessings of the Spring Festival to their families.

The University office, the Party Committee of Students’ Affairs Department, the Party Committee of the Department of Security, the Laboratory and Equipment Management Office, the Logistics Group, the School of Engineering and Technology, the School of Water Resources and Environment, the School of Jewelry, the School of Ocean, the School of Mathematics and Physics and other relevant units were all in accompany with the university leaders.

(Written by Han Daitong/ Photo by Wang Qixiang)