Begins On Time today --The first lessons of the new term
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Secretary Ma Junjie speaks

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"Hello, students! New term starts on time today! Classes start on time. This is our first class of the new term!" This morning, ma Junjie, secretary of the party committee of the university, greeted students from all over the country on the screen in the live course of seismic exploration given by Sun Luping, professor of the School of Geophysics and Information Technology. Meantime, Shi Xueyi, professor from the School of Land Science and Technology, brought his first class "Land Planning and Design" to the classroom as usual. Though only his voice echoed in the empty classroom, the students were listening to him through the screen attentively.
February 22nd was the first day of the new semester in our university. The new semester of spring 2021 started as scheduled. Party Secretary Ma Junjie, President Sun Youhong, Vice Principals Wan Li and Liu Wei inspected the online course.
According to statistics, 314 undergraduate courses and 29 graduate courses were offered on the first day of school. Till 10:30 a.m., 422 teachers, 6569 undergraduates and 1651 postgraduates in total were engaged in the online courses. Teaching and learning activities are carried out by means of live video, recording and network interactions. In the spring semester of 2021, a total number of 1,546 courses will be offered.
On the morning of the same day, the university leaders had a discussion with the heads of the Graduate School, the Academic Affairs Office and other relevant departments, and listened to the preparation for the new semester and the report on online teaching for the graduate and undergraduate students.
Later, the school leaders visited the School of Marxism, the College of Geophysics and Information Technology, and the College of Land Science and Technology to investigate the progress of the courses in the front line of teaching, and check the real-time monitoring through the network teaching platform. They also communicated with the students through live broadcasting classroom.
In his speech, Secretary Ma Junjie fully affirmed the early prediction and careful preparation of each teaching unit. On the basis of last year's online teaching experience, each school has done a quick response and timely processing to ensure that this online course can start on time. For the next step, Ma Junjie proposed, first, to ensure coverage, follow up teaching monitoring. Second, quality should be guaranteed. Teachers should prepare lessons carefully and solve curriculum problems in time. Third, to ensure the effect, multi-measures should be taken at the same time to mobilize the enthusiasm of students in the classroom; Fourth, transition between online and offline courses should be ensured, so as to make good preparations for students' return to university.
President Sun Youhong gave instructions for different situations of each school, requiring each teaching unit to timely follow up online teaching, solve the demands of teachers and students, summarize teaching experiences, and improve teaching quality. When talking to the students online, Sun Youhong expressed his concern and best wishes to them, and said that the school is fully prepared to welcome them back to university.
In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Beijing Municipality and the unified deployment of the university, students will attend online courses in the spring semester of 2021 and will not return to school for the time being. In order to ensure the online course as scheduled, the smooth operation of each teaching units and relevant departments, teaching plans were even made during the holiday. Step by step, the online course teaching arrangements, teaching plans, teaching discipline, teaching supervision and so on were made specifically. The Graduate School and the Academic Affairs Office have issued work requirements several times. Unified arrangements for graduate and undergraduate teaching were also made with formulated work ledger, and detailed instruction for teachers. Teaching methods, learning materials and emergency measures for each course were also prepared in advance. The university’s teaching units have overcome difficulties in a short period of time so as to meet the needs of online teaching. Teachers and students have prepared online teaching plan formulation, such as researches, tests and other forms of online teaching activities. Smooth communication channels between teachers and students were established to ensure the online courses going on smoothly and to guarantees the university’s teaching running smoothly to provide a solid ground for all activities of the university.

(Written by Han Daitong/ Photo by Qu Yuanying and Li Ting)