Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed by CUGB and Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping
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Signing of strategic cooperation agreement

On December 9th, the ceremony was held in China Innovation Base for Surveying and Mapping for the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping (CASM). Academician Sun Youhong, president of CUGB, signed the agreement with Yan Qin, president of Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping. Liu Jiping, vice president of the Institute, presided over the ceremony, and Wang Guosheng, vice president of CUGB, introduced the content of the agreement.

Zhang Shaojie giving speech

In his speech, Zhang Shaojie, secretary of the Party Committee of CASM, indicated that CASM is the only central level research institute for public welfare. It shoulders the national mission of scientific and technological innovation. Facing the major strategic needs of the country and the core responsibility of "unification of the two" of the Ministry of Natural Resources, CASM adheres to the leadership in scientific and technological innovation, strengthens independent scientific and technological innovation, and plays the role of a pioneer in innovation in national surveying and mapping science and technology. China University of Geosciences (Beijing) is a world-renowned university of higher learning with strong teaching and scientific research. The intention for strategic cooperation between CASM and CUGB has been brewing for a long time. Taking the good opportunity of the integration of science and education between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Natural Resources, we hope to carry out substantive cooperation in discipline construction, scientific and technological cooperation, construction of industry-university-research bases and scientific research platforms, and personnel training with the goal of passing the authentification of the platform for the integration of science and education within five years.

Sun Youhong giving speech

Sun Youhong pointed out that the cooperation between CUGB and CASM is of far-reaching strategic significance for the integration of science and education with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Natural Resources. With the background of geodesy, the discipline of Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology in CUGB has become an essential supporting discipline for the development of earth system science and double first-class construction of the university with its specialty and advantages in the fields of geological disaster monitoring and deep space exploration. CASM is the comprehensive multidisciplinary research institution of the largest surveying and mapping geographic information in China and it has been leading the revolution of surveying and mapping geographic information technology. He hoped that both sides will make full use of their human resources, advantages in scientific research to strengthen the innovation of industry-university-research cooperation so as to carry out cooperation in discipline development, scientific research, scientific and technological innovation and personnel training in fields like the earth's intelligent observation, natural resources investigation and monitoring, live 3d Construction of China, lunar and planetary exploration, , ocean and polar sciences, etc. We will promote the realization of the goal of high-quality personnel cultivation and scientific and technological innovation, and constantly enhance the influence of both sides in the service of national strategy, and form a new pattern of collaborative development for CUBG and CASM.

Yan Qin giving speech

Yan Qin in his speech, pointed out that CASM aims at building itself a leading research institute in China and a globally famous academy of surveying and mapping geographic information in the world. CASM intend to undertake the obligation of "Two support, one promotion" orientation in the new period surveying and mapping geographic information work, namely, supporting the demand of economic and social development, as well as all industries, and supporting natural resource management, and to serve the construction of ecological civilization. CASM will continuously improve the ability and level of surveying and mapping geographic information work. With the broad prospect of its cooperation with CUGB, it is hoped that both sides can draw on each other's advantages, jointly promote mutual employment, cooperate to tackle key problems with mutual recognition of achievements, joint construction of platforms, sharing of resources and practical cooperation through the implementation of the annual cooperation plan.

During the signing ceremony, the two sides held discussions on the specific contents of cooperation, and carried out in-depth discussions on postgraduate education, condensed landmark projects and achievements, and cooperation implementation.

Group photo

Leaders of relevant functional departments of CASM and public scientific research institutions, and leaders from the University Office, Development Planning and Discipline Construction Office, Graduate School, Academic Affairs Office, Science and Technology Office, School of Land Science and Technology and other relevant departments and schools attended the signing ceremony.

(News release by Kang Zhizhong / Photo by Qu Yuanying)