Yuan-Chuan Zheng,Yang Shen:Collision-related porphyry Cu deposits formed by input of ultrapotassic melts into the sulfide-rich lower crust【JP& TN,2022】
Feb 17, 2022 Views:902

Collision-related porphyry Cu deposits (PCDs) are restricted to previous magmatic arcs, in which sulfide-rich lower crust occurred. Fertile adakite-like porphyries associated with PCDs have higher K2O contents and K2O/Na2O ratios than barren porphyries emplaced in the same arc. The elevated K2O/Na2O ratios of fertile porphyries reflect substantial inputs of coeval hydrous, oxidized ultrapotassic melts. Input of such melts could increase the water content and oxygen fugacity of the lower-crust-derived melts, which in turn would promote the breakdown of sulphides in the lower crust and increase the contents of Cu and S in the melts, making them favourable for the formation of large PCDs. The relatively low K2O contents and K2O/Na2O ratios of barren porphyries indicate limited input of ultrapotassic melts; these magmas have low potential to form PCDs. Thus, the input of ultrapotassic melts into the sulfide-rich juvenile lower crust drives the formation of collision-related PCDs.

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