Hanyu Wang:Structure and elasticity of CaC2O5 suggests carbonate contribution to the seismic anomalies of Earth’s mantle【NC,2024】
Feb 26, 2024 Views:21

Knowledge of carbonate compounds under high pressure inside Earth is key to understanding the internal structure of the Earth, the deep carbon cycle and major geological events. Here we use first-principles simulations to calculate the structure and elasticity of CaC2O5-minerals with different symmetries under high pressure. Our calculations show that CaC2O5-minerals represent a group of low-density low-seismic-wave velocity mantle minerals. Changes in seismic wave velocity caused by the phase transformation of CaC2O5-Cc to CaC2O5-I\(\bar{4}\)2d (CaC2O5-C2-l) agree with wave velocity discontinuity at a depth of 660?km in the mantle transition zone. Moreover, when CaC2O5-Fdd2 transforms into CaC2O5-C2 under 70?GPa, its shear wave velocity decreases by 7.4%, and its density increases by 5.8%, which is consistent with the characteristics of large low-shear-velocity provinces (LLSVPs). Furthermore, the shear wave velocity of CaC2O5-I\(\bar{4}\)2d is very similar to that of cubic Ca-perovskite, which is one of the main constituents of the previously detected LLSVPs. Therefore, we propose that CaC2O5 and its high-pressure polymorphs may be a main component of LLSVPs.

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