Undergraduate Major:Information Management and Information Systems

1. Introduction

The major of “Information Management and Information System” is a practical, innovative, intersecting and complex major with management and modern information technology. In order to meet the national requirement of economic construction, technological progress and social development, the major focuses on information retrieval and data analysis, information resource management, data mining and business intelligence to cultivate information management and data analysis capabilities and information system planning, system analysis and design, system operation and maintenance, geographic information system to cultivate information system construction and information product design capabilities around with the distinguishing feature.

2. Academic Objectives

This major is oriented to the frontiers of world science and technology development and the requirement of national major strategic, social development and economic development, aiming to train students to have the solid foundation in mathematical statistics, information processing, data analysis, database management, the knowledge of the principles of economic management, computer and information technology, information resource management and the ability of data analysis and mining, system planning and development, projects management. Furthermore, shaping compound senior information management talents with international vision, professional quality, industry characteristics, scientific spirit, humanistic feelings, national and social responsibility. At the same time, such talents have insight into the law of business activities in the era of big data economy, being able to effectively control information technology, lead innovation and practice, and can be engaged in information management and information system related work in national administrative departments at all levels, industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions, scientific research and public institutions.

3. Academic Requirements

(1) Knowledge requirements

①    Master the basic theories of modern economy, management and information

②    Master basic knowledge and methods of mathematical statistics, information processing, computer language and database principles

③    Master information system planning, analysis, design, implementation, operation, maintenance and other system development methods, have the basic knowledge of management information system application, development and management, have systematic thinking

(2) Capacity requirements

①    Information retrieval, processing, visualization, data analysis and mining capabilities

②    Management information system analysis, design, development and practice management

③    Professional practice, innovation and entrepreneurship, scientific research, project management and other capabilities

(3) Quality requirements

①    Good moral quality, international vision, professional quality, industry characteristics, scientific spirit, humanistic feelings, national and social responsibility

②    Good outlook on world life and values

③    Good interpersonal communication skills and team work spirit

4. Length of Schooling and Degree

The length of schooling is four years of full-time study. Students will be awarded the Bachelor Degree of Management when they have completed the required minimum credits and have met all other requirements.

5. Core Courses

Along with the main line of the development of the major to reflect the features of the major, the core course includes: Information Resource Management, Information Retrieval and Data Analysis, Data Analysis Tools and Methods, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Principle and Design of Database, Data Structure, Java, Business Management Process, Management Information System, System Analysis and Design, Electronic Commerce, Information Retrieval, Geographic Information System, Information Security Management, Electronic Commerce, Information Economics and Project Management.