Undergraduate Major:Economics

1. Major Introduction

Economics is a social science that deals with the allocation of limited resources within and across firms, households, and other decision-making units. It also deals with economic phenomena, economic behavior, rule of economic activity and economic operational mechanism. Economics is specialized in two parts which are theoretical economics and applied economics.

Economics department is mainly research on applied economics which is combined with environmental economics and financial application. Understanding the method of economic analysis, economics of resources and environment, as well as knowledge of finance are demanded to students with the development of social economy.

2. Academic Objectives

Professional training goals:The students will learn courses based on Marxist Political Economics theory, familiarize with the modern western economics and its analysis methods, basic theory and knowledge of trading and finance, and resources environmental economics, in order to train advanced specialist in department of economics and management, department of policy research, trading corporations, financial institutions and any enterprises by doing business of economic analysis, investment, financing, trading, programming and economic and management.

Moral education goal:The students should keep our school motto as their code of conduct, love our country, support the leadership of Chinese Communist Party, abide by laws and disciplines, work hard and live simply, be realistic, cooperative and dedicated to their work.

3. Academic Requirements

The graduates should grasp the following knowledge and skills:

(1)  Master the basic knowledge and theoriesof economics.

(2)  Master modern economic analysis methods and apply in different aspects as investment, financing and resource environment.

(3)  Possess the basic skills of analyzing and solving problems in the areas of banking, investment, securities and trading.

(4)  Understand the theory front and the development trend.

4. Length of Schooling and Degree

The length of schooling is four years of full-time study. Students will be awarded the Bachelor Degree of Economics when they have completed the required minimum credits and have met all other requirements.

5. Core Courses

Core Courses of the Economics: Intermediate microeconomics, Economic Law, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Finance, Econometrics, International Trade, Resources and Environmental Economics, Contemporary Chinese economy, Insurance, Energy Financial Management, Frontier of Economics, Economic History, The evolution of economic thought, Introduction to Das Kapital.

Practice Courses: International Trade Practice, Teaching Practice, Professional Practice, Graduation Thesis.