Undergraduate Major:Business Management (Minor)

1. Major Introduction

Based on the basic principles of management and emphasizing comprehensive use of relevant knowledge and methods, business administration is a systematic study and research on business and management issues of enterprises. Faced with the background of globalization and international competition, while training students’ basic theory, basic skills and methods, this program nourish students’ practical skills through increasing practice teaching, and promotes understanding and grasp of the professional knowledge and the direction of development through designing curriculum modules. The students can also associate the knowledge with industrial management of their first majors.

2. Academic Objectives

Training objectives: this major aims to cultivate management personnel who can master economics, management, law and other relevant knowledge, are able to do data analysis, problem research, interpersonal communication and self-development.

Moral education goals: Students should love the country and the people, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, develop qualities of dedication, plain living, truth seeking, love of labor, law abiding, unity and cooperation and abide by social morality and professional ethics.

3. Academic Requirements

Training requirements: While focusing on the first major learning at school, students should strengthen learning professional knowledge of business administration and other relevant knowledge, and not only master the basic business management theories and methods, but also preliminary have ability of analyzing and solving business problems of industry to which their first majors belong.

4. Length of Schooling 

This minor major program accompanies the first major program. The length of schooling can’t be longer than that of major program and can’t be extended.

5. Required Credits

Only after students have completed 24 credits, can they obtain a minor program diploma of Business Administration.