Undergraduate Major:Accounting (Double Degree)

1. Major Introduction

Accounting is an applied management discipline which studies collecting, analyzing, recording, reporting, interpreting and verifying accounting information.

Students should grasp the fundamental theories of accounting, handle with financial management, accounting and auditing businesses by using computer skillfully, master a foreign language, and be professional accountants who master domestic accounting standard with international perspective and meet with the needs of government agency,enterprises and institutions.

2. Academic Objectives

Students should develop high moral standards, humanistic and scientific quality, and excellent practice competence and communication skills. Meantime, Students should have a good command of knowledge of accounting, management, economics and law, which will enable them to secure employment in government agencies, enterprises, institutes and accounting firms as accountants and financial managers.

3. Academic Requirements

The students should focus on gaining the basic knowledge and theories of accounting, auditing and business administration, and learning accounting methods and skills. They should gain the competence to grasp the basic theories and knowledge of accounting, management, economics and law; to do both quantitative and qualitative analysis of accounting; to be familiar with policies, laws, and conventions both at home and abroad. The students should master skills of data collection, information retrieval, data analysis and linguistic expression. The students should be familiar with the up-to-date theories, current status of accounting. Furthermore, they should master accounting research methods and have practice competence.  

4. Length of Schooling and Degree 

Length of Schooling: Four or Five years

Degree offered: Bachelor of Management.

5. Required  Credits 

Principles of Management, Principles of Economics, Fundamental of Finance, Basic Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Financial management, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Taxation Laws, Auditing, Computer-based Accounting System.