Undergraduate Major:Geology (Geology and Geophysics Complex)

1. Major Introduction

The composite major of Geology and Geophysics aims at training students to master the basic theories and skills of geology and the explore methods and techniques of geophysics. Emphasis on the foundation courses will be put on mathematics, physics and basic theories of geology. Technique foundation courses will focus on teaching the students the methods of geophysical exploration. Students of this major not only master the basic theories of geology, but will also have the ability to apply the geophysical methods in practice, which will lay a solid foundation for the students to study earth detection methods through combining the knowledge of geology and geophysics. The courses will make the students qualified with the basic capabilities of doing geological research on solid minerals, energy mineral resources exploration, hydrological engineering, environmental geology and earth structure so the students can master the basic principles of various geophysical methods to solve geological problems as well. After study, the students can state the geological significance of geophysical anomalies and its formulation with comprehensive use of geological and geophysical data. Therefore the graduates cannot only be engaged in teaching and research of related major, and technology development and technology management of certain production sectors, such as the field of energy, mining, metallurgy, earthquake, environment and so on, but also work as senior professional technical personnel in the administration department as a manager. 

2. Academic Objectives

The students should have a basic knowledge of natural science and good English and computer skills. The composite major of geology and geophysics trains senior engineering technical personnel and technical management personnel with integrated development in terms of moral, intellect and PE, who love geological sciences, to be qualified with a stable theoretical basis, great practical ability, high comprehensive qualities, a realistic and innovative spirit and good professional ethics to serve the society. They can be engaged in the exploration and evaluation of solid mineral resources and the evaluation of oil and gas exploration and hydrogeology, environmental geology and so on with the modern geological theories and geophysical methods.

3. Academic Requirements

Graduated students should meet the national requirements of physical education and military training standard for college students with fitness and health. They will have a solid foundation in mathematics, physics and chemistry with good scientific literacy and a spirit of cooperation. Students should master the basic geology and geophysics knowledge, theory and skills based on systematic learning of curriculum, including disciplinary fundamental courses and specialized core courses. They will be familiar with the basic research program of geological science and geophysics, practical and experimental methods, and know the experimental facilities that back up research and development of geology and geophysics with preliminary ability for scientific research and related production work after systemical training with practical education and cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship. Students should be able to conduct bibliographic retrieval and access to information, and well understand the recent status, frontier issues, major problems and developing trends in main research fields of geology and geophysics, and have abilities to solve problems with innovation.

4. Length of Schooling and Degree

The length of schooling is four years of full-time study. Students will be awarded the Bachelor Degree of Science when they have completed the required minimum credits and have met all other requirements.

5. Core Courses

Specialized Core Courses: Remote Sensing Geology, Introduction to Geophysics, Regional Geology and Tectonics, Gravity and Magnetotellurics Methods, Seismology and Logging Methods, Regional Geological Survey, Introduction to Ore Geology, Specialty English for Geology, Geophysical Data Processing.

Practice Courses: Physics Experiments, Chemistry Experiments, Geological Survey Field Trip in Beidaihe, Geological Survey Field Trip in Zhoukoudian, Teaching Practice of Comprehensive Geophysical Methods, Geological Field Trip, Graduation Thesis.