Undergraduate Major:English

1.  Major Introduction

The undergraduate program for English majors stresses the solid foundation of knowledge and skills of English, basic knowledge of relevant specialties, strong critical thinking ability as well as moral ethics. To be specific, students will have three kinds of courses: courses on skills of English, courses on knowledge of English, and courses on related specialized knowledge. Students will grasp the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating in English and will be able to communicate with native speakers of English properly and fluently. They will also learn quite a lot of cultural knowledge of English-speaking countries. Besides, they will gain the ability to do translation and interpretation fluently and accurately in fields related to culture, science & technology, and business & trade. In addition, their second foreign language will reach the intermediate level. After four years of study, graduates will be qualified to work as translators, administrators, teachers and researchers in such fields as economy, news, culture, education, scientific research, tourism and foreign affairs.

2.  Academic Objectives

With the orientation of developing their qualities, knowledge and abilities, especially their English proficiency and critical thinking ability, the program aims at enabling students to possess a solid foundation of English and a broad range of scientific and cultural knowledge. They will be able to understand linguistics, basic literary theories, English and American literature, basic translation theories and skills and will gain strong abilities for cross-cultural communications both in English and in Chinese. Students’ critical thinking ability will be fostered through their research for knowledge of the two languages and cultures. In return, their language abilities can be improved with the practice of their critical thinking ability, which will result in improving their autonomous learning capacity. Therefore, with the integration of critical thinking into English and humanity education for mutual promotion, the program aims to enable students to become highly-qualified English professionals who are competent both in English and in Chinese, possessing ample knowledge of humanities and the English culture, and are strong in autonomous learning. 

3.  Academic Requirements

After the four-year courses, the students should achieve the following knowledge and abilities:

(1)  A solid foundation of the English language and proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating in English.

(2)  Ample social and cultural background knowledge of English-speaking countries.

(3)  Cross-cultural critical thinking ability in the English language.

(4)  Ability to use a second foreign language.

(5)  Some basic knowledge in humanities and science and technology, a strong sense of cross-cultural communication, and strong autonomous learning ability.

(6)  Knowledge in linguistics and literature and capability of working as a teacher or a researcher (linguistics and literature courses).

(7)  Knowledge in basic translation theories and capability of working as a translator or an interpreter (translation courses).

4.  Length of Schooling and Degree

The length of schooling is four years of full-time study. Students will be awarded the Bachelor Degree of Arts when they have completed the required minimum credits and have met all other requirements.

5.  Core Courses

Specialized Core Courses (The Linguistics and Literature Track): Advanced English I: Analytical Reading, Advanced Englis hⅡ: Research-Based Reading, Advanced English Discussion of Audio-visual Materials, Interpretation, Research Paper Writing, Western Civilization, British Literature: Selected Readings, American Literature: Selected Readings, Translation Practice and Techniques, General Linguistics.

Specialized Core Courses (The Translation Track): Advanced English I: Analytical Reading, Advanced EnglishⅡ : Research-Based Reading, Advanced English Discussion of Audio-Visual Materials, Interpretation, Research Paper Writing, English-Chinese Translation Theory and Practice, British and American Literature: Selected Reading, Translation of Business English, Theory and Practice of ChineseEnglish Translation, English for Earth Sciences: Reading and Translation.

Practice Courses: English Film Dubbing Practice, English Speech Practice, English Writing Practice, English Interpretation Practice, Professional Practice, Graduation Thesis.