Undergraduate Major:Gemology and Material Technology

1. Major Introduction

The major Gemology and Material Technology is based on four disciplinary spots of master degree and two disciplinary spots of doctor degree. The disciplinary spots of mater degree include gemology; mineralogy, petrology and mineral-deposits; design science; as well as material science and engineering. The disciplinary spots of doctor degree include gemology, as well as mineralogy, petrology and mineraldeposits. Based on the China mineral rock material development and application laboratory which is the only national professional laboratory, and with the help of several courses such as gemstone identification, stone processing, diamond grading, professional jewelry design and producing laboratory, lots of gemstone specimens, the major has a very good foundation of running conditions. After graduation from the major Gemology and Material Technology, students will be engaged in gemstones and materials technology and related fields of scientific research, teaching, assessment, processing, improvement, synthesis, trade and asset evaluation, etc.

2. Academic Objectives

In order to cultivate the excellent students to study in the field of gemology and materials technology, or to do professional work like teaching, science and technology development, production management, commerce, first, the major is aimed to train students a solid natural science and humanities and social science basic theory, basic computer and foreign language foundation, and then to engage students in stones and materials technology research of the basic theoretical knowledge and strong experience skills.

3. Academic Requirements

Graduates should obtain the following aspects of professional knowledge and ability:

(1)  Have a good jewelry professional ethics, determined attitude of the pursuit of excellence, strong patriotic spirit, social responsibility and the rich humanities accomplishment.

(2)  Mastery the basic theory and knowledge of math, science, etc, has the crystallography and mineralogy, crystal optics, petrology, mineral deposit, earth sciences and other professional knowledge.

(3)  Master the basic principle, professional knowledge and professional technical ability of basic properties of gemstones and jade, identification methods, method of synthesis and improvement, materials technology, gem processing, jewelry design and producing, jewelry trade, and the jewelry evaluation.

(4)  Be familiar with the national standard of gemstones and jades, the laws and regulations of the intellectual property rights inside the country and abroad, etc.

(5)  Understand theoretical frontiers of professional theories, application prospect and the latest development trends and industry development.

4. Length of Schooling and Degree

The length of schooling is four years of full-time study. Students will be awarded the Bachelor Degree of Engineering when they have completed the required minimum credits and have met all other requirements.

5. Core Courses

Specialized Core Courses: Modern Techniques for Materials, Theories and Methods of Gem Identification, Colored Gemology, Gemological Deposit, Inclusions of Gemstones, Diamond, Gem Appraising, Crystal Growth  and  Synthetic Gemstone, Gemstone Enhancement, Specialty English for Gemology

Practice Courses: Geological Survey Field Trip in Beidaihe, Physics Experiments, Chemistry Experiments, Teaching Practice, Gemstone Cutting Practice, Jade Carving Practice, Gem Trade Experiments, Gemological Complex Practice, Graduation Design (Thesis).