Undergraduate Major:Product Design

1. Major Introduction

Product Design is the first interdisciplinary subject combing industrial arts and gemology in China. The distinguishing features of this major include culture, arts, design, fashion, jewelry, and business. With the artistic thinking ability, cultural quality, and creative design as the teaching contents, enhancing both professional designing and crafting skills as the principles, this major cultivates senior jewelry design talents with a solid knowledge of literature, art, design, and basic theories of arts and crafts; strong ability of art design, jewelry identification, and manufacture.  

2. Academic Objectives

By offering specialized courses of art modeling, fashion design, pattern composition, jewelry design, craft production, etc. this major cultivates qualified and excellent designers with professional qualities and skills of art and design, the technology and craft of jewelry manufacture. They will be able to design and manufacture jewelry, and also teach and research. By completing the basic courses in the discipline, specialized fundamental courses and specialized core courses, graduates will have the opportunity to work in the areas of education, research, management and other jobs related to jewelry and art design.

3. Academic Requirements

Graduates should obtain the following aspects of professional knowledge and ability:

(1)  Have a good jewelry professional ethics, determined attitude of the pursuit of excellence, strong patriotic spirit, social responsibility and the rich humanities accomplishment.

(2)  Master basic theories, professional knowledge and technical skills of gemology, jewelry identification, gem processing, jewelry trade and evaluation.

(3)  Master basic professional qualities and skills of art design and manufacture by systematically study the courses of art modeling, fashion design, pattern composition, jewelry design, craft production, etc.

(4)  Be familiar with the requirements of jewelry designer, the national standard of gemstones and jades, the laws and regulations of the intellectual property rights inside the country and abroad, etc.

(5)  Understand theoretical frontiers of this profession, application prospect and the latest development trends.

4. Length of Schooling and Degree

The length of schooling is four years of full-time study. Students will be awarded the Bachelor Degree of Arts when they have completed the required minimum credits and have met all other requirements.

5. Core Course

Specialized Core Courses: Materials and Design on Jewelry, Jewelry Inlaid Process and Practice, Manufacture of Wax Jewelry, Basis of Jewelry  Design, Basic Process of Jewelry Manufacturing, Jade Crafts Carving.

Practice Courses: Practice of Art Design, Investigation of Market, Gemstone Cutting, Planar Design Software, Investigation of Jewelry Manufacturing Technique and Art Jewelry, Jewel CAD and Jewel Modeling, Graduation Design (Thesis).