Undergraduate Major:Software Engineering

1. Major Introduction

Software engineering is a discipline that applies engineering in software development, operation and maintenance with systematic, interdisciplinary, quantitative methods, and studies a variety of ways and means to carry out the above processes.

This major persists in the combination of theories and practice. New ideas are always brought into the course system, teaching content and teaching methodology for the sake of cultivating more innovative, engineering, industry-demanded, utility-type, comprehensive international software professionals.

Graduates therefore can enjoy a range of career opportunities in domestic or foreign software industry, computer industry, and will be able to do jobs like scientific research, technology development, teaching and management in research institutions, universities and colleagues.

2. Academic Objectives

Training every student with good overall quality, good professional ethics, and solid software engineering theory and basic knowledge of software is the main goal. Teachers in this major always try their utmost to foster students’ abilities to design and realize software, manage projects, and communicate with colleagues. Graduates are supposed to have strong predominance in international competitiveness, innovation consciousness and team spirit, can handle the design, development and application of software and manage projects, and gradually become high-level, practical, comprehensive  talents with the capability to combine the contents of science, technique and project.

3. Academic Requirements

This major trains students with socialism morality, intelligence, health, beauty and other all-round development, with good political quality, professional quality and moral cultivation, who fit in with the needs of modernization of our country and adapt to the actual needs of software engineering.

According to the needs of the software industry, in accordance with the direction of engineering and internationalization, students will go to further study the knowledge of fundamental courses and specialized courses, and will master the methodology and engineering knowledge of software development, and apply it to practice. They will acquire notably rigorous training about software research and development based on engineering practice.

The basic knowledge, practical ability and comprehensive quality should be focused on, especially the following aspects of knowledge and ability:

(1) Master the basic concepts and technical methods of computing and understanding the trend of software development.

(2) Master software theories and knowledge of software engineering.

(3) Have good abilities of software system design, construction, analysis and implementation.

(4) Have strong project management skills.

(5) Have good abilities of application software research and development in one or more fields.

(6) Have good abilities of communication, organization and coordination.

4. Length of Schooling and Degree

The length of schooling is four years of full-time study. Students will be awarded the Bachelor Degree of Engineering when they have completed the required minimum credits and have met all other requirements.

5. Core Courses

Specialized Core Courses: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Embedded Development Technology, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Software  Architecture, Software Project Management, Software Measurement, .NET Programming, Software Test.

Practice Courses:Software Engineering Practice, Practice of Object Oriented Programming , Practice of Database System Principles, Practice of Web Page Programming, Practice of Object Oriented Analysis, Practice of Oracle Database Application, Graduation Design (Thesis).