Introduction of School of Marxism

China University of Geosciences (Beijing) (CUGB) is a "Project 211" university administered directly by the Ministry of Education, a "985" National Innovative Platform of Dominant Disciplines, and also one of the first batch of 33 universities in China to pilot graduate schools. School of Marxism is the university’s center for the management of teaching, scientific research, and construction of the disciplines of ideology and politics. The school consists of four teaching and research sections: Principles of Marxism, Localization of Marxism in China, Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Fundamentals of Law, and Outline of the Modern History of China. The school also contains a Course Group of Situation and Policy and an Institute of Psychology.

The faculty of the school is well cultivated. The teaching and administrative staff of the school are all graduates of prestigious domestic universities and research institutes such as Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Nanjing University, Capital Normal University, and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Most of the faculty in the school hold doctoral degrees, and many of the faculty have post-doctoral work experience. The school is very well structured. One teacher from the college was selected as a member of the Teaching Committee of the Ideological and Political Theory Course of the Ministry of Education. Another was selected for the "New Century Excellent Talents" project of the Ministry of Education and another for the Excellent Young and Middle-aged Teachers Funding Program for the Ideological and Political Theory Course of the Ministry of Education. A teacher was selected as an Influential Figure in the Ideological and Political Theory Course of the Ministry of Education and another for the “Famous Teacher Studio Project of the Ideological and Political Theory Course in Beijing”. In addition, the teachers have also won various honorary titles such as ‘Excellent Moral Education Worker in Beijing’, University-level "I Love My Teacher" Top Ten Outstanding Teachers, University-level Outstanding Teacher, University-level Teacher Ethics Precursor.

The school has a first-level doctoral station in Marxist Theory, a first-level master’s station in Marxist Theory, a postdoctoral research station in Marxist Theory and a first-level master’s station in Psychology. The school also hosts the Beijing "Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and Research of Socialist Core Values" Collaborative Innovation Center, the Beijing Demonstration Site for Educational Reform in Ideological and Political Theory Course of Colleges and Universities, the "Yang Junling Famous Teacher Studio" of Ideological and Political Theory Courses, and the Comprehensive Reform Laboratory of Ideological and Political Education in Beijing, as well as a number of other teaching and research facilities.

The School of Marxism enrolls doctoral and postgraduate students in Marxist theory, and postgraduate students in Psychology, and also accepts postdoctoral staff in Marxist theory. The school provides students with research and learning facilities and other resources such as studios, reference rooms, laboratories, online databases of classic documents, academic journal networks, academic salons, and postgraduate cultivation project funds. It also provides students with scholarships, state grants, Beijing Marxist theory professional scholarships, as well as auxiliary administrative staff, auxiliary research workers, auxiliary teachers of CUGB, and other award projects.

Since its establishment, the school has sent a large number of outstanding graduates to colleges and universities, Party and government offices, and other enterprises and institutions. The graduate employment rate is 100%.