Undergraduate Major:Marine Resources and Environment

1. Major Introduction

Marine geological resource is the main direction of Marine resources and environment which focuses on fostering high-level special talents with these capabilities: possessing systematic knowledge and technical skills of marine geological resources, having distinguished scientific literacy, professional dedication and adaptive capability of broad domains, being qualified in scientific research, teaching, production and management especially in domains closely related with marine geological resources including resources survey, exploration and development involving conventional oil and gas, natural gas hydrate (combustible ice), littoral placer deposits (diamond, gold, ruby etc.), submarine hydrothermal deposits, polymetallic nodules and phosphorite.

2. Academic Objectives

This major requires good ideological and moral qualities and higher humanitic qualities with “good virtues, solid foundation, broad knowledge, sophisticated profession”. Students will become talented persons with solid foundations of basic theories, basic knowledge and experiment skills in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology and marine sciences, systematically grasping professional knowledge and specialized skills of marine geology and marine resources, with the self-learning ability, critical thinking ability, innovation and entrepreneurship ability, international perspective and accurate ocean views.

3. Academic Requirements

Graduates of the program are required to:

(1)  Grasping basic theories and knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and etc.

(2)  Grasping basic theories and knowledge of ocean sciences and marine geological resources, having basic ability of ocean investigation research.

(3)  Grasping basic methods of data and material inquiry, literature search and obtaining information using modern information technology, having specific abilities of experiment design, summary, results analysis, writing papers and academic exchange.

(4)  Being familiar with technology and policy of ocean sciences, intellectual property and safety regulations.

(5)  Having an understanding of development of ocean sciences and general theories and knowledge of relevant majors, with the ability of tracking international ocean scientific researches.

(6)  With specific abilities of scientific thinking, innovation and pioneering and international exchange and being qualified talents of humanistic quality and social responsibility.

4. Length of Course and Degree

The length of schooling is four years of full-time study. Students will be awarded the Bachelor Degree of Science when they have completed the required minimum credits and have met all other requirements.

5. Core Courses

The core courses of this major include " introduction to ocean sciences, marine geology,  marine geophysics surveying, mineral and petrology (including crystal optics), introduction to ocean sciences (B), sedimentary rocks and sedimentary facies, structural analysis of sea floor and sedimentary basins, marine geology resources, sea floor surveying technology, sedimentary basin analysis, sequence stratigraphy, marine petroleum geology, offshore oil and gas area geology, oil and gas logging and subsurface geology, marine oil and gas chemistry, petroleum geological exploration, seismic-geologic comprehensive interpretation and application etc.

Practice and innovation teaching are emphasized by this major as well. Practice teaching includes military theory and training, political social practice, experimental physics, experimental chemistry, professional and comprehensive experiment course of the school (4 weeks), marine geology field trip in Beidaihe area (3 weeks), teaching practice in Zhoukoudian area (5 weeks), professional production practice (4 weeks) and graduate design (thesis) (12 weeks). Innovation and entrepreneurship practice includes: social practice, scientific research training, innovation and entrepreneurship activities.